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    Default Cart Run Flats

    My Sears garden cart (14 CF) tires finally rotted off, so I decided to replace the wheel/tire with run flats.
    Went to Marathon Tires , got a pair for $2 more than sears wanted for standard air filled.

    Great deal, and no more flat tires!

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    Default Re: Cart Run Flats

    I also had trouble this spring with the small tires on my garden wagon and gauge wheels on my home made 3pt thatch rake...
    They were all 10" wheels from China like you would get at Harbor Freight and such...

    I replaced all of them... It was a loosing battle to try and repair tubes and keep them going..

    I also replaced them with no flats... Around here no flats are a little more expensive in this area then other options..
    But worth doing the first time around...

    Good luck..

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    Default Re: Cart Run Flats

    Good idea. I think you'll be better off. I've been replacing tubes only for a while now, but tubes are almost as expensive as buying a new tire with rim. My next ones will be no-flat's.

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