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    Default Tire chain link tool (cheap one?)

    Not sure where this post should go...but the question is:

    Is there a tool that works for adding/deleting cross bars on tire chains that is commonly available like maybe a Vice-Grip with a certain jaw? I don't really want to buy a special tool for this what most likely will be a one time project. I have aquired a selection of chains/types and would like to move some crossbars from some to others to build the "perfect" set so a tool to open and close would be helpful.

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    Default Re: Tire chain link tool (cheap one?)

    Hammer and chisel to open them, and hammer and anvil to close them. That is all that I have ever used. They do make specialized tools for this that look like very large pliers, but they are costly and I have never found a used pair at any flea markets.
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    Default Re: Tire chain link tool (cheap one?)

    I bought the largest one that Tire Chains has. It is about $78 but is well worth it. I spent way too much time with the hammer and chisel. I have found other chain work with it too.

    Check with Tire Chain at:

    Tire Chains by


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