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    Default Newbie Questions -Advice please

    Okay, newbie here.

    Considering a Toocat for a variety of landscape projects and maintenance of my 100 acre parcel. 15 acres wooded, the rest split between very hilly-rolling grassy fields and some steep grassy terain. By steep I mean 25-35 degree slopes and elevation changes of 50-150 feet.

    Most of the slopes are not mowed but I would like to mow some. For mowing, I might consider something else like a Powertrac (in addition to Toolcat) if Toolcat can't handle it.

    How will Toolcat handle traversing the slopes?

    Would a Bobcat with tracks be better?

    Soil drains extremely well so no real issues with water.

    What the difference between model A's, B's, C's and D's. Can you tell model by year.

    I have an opportunity to buy a used 2006 - would this be a "C"?

    Thanks for any help and advice you can provide

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    Default Re: Newbie Questions -Advice please

    Welcome to TBN!
    The TC does well on slopes but your steepest may be too much...that is where a demo is useful. The Powertrac extreme slope mowers are awesome for this application.
    As far as a used should be a C series, but it could have been remaining B stock as the first C series were introduced in Oct/Nov 05. The serial number would tell the tale,but even easier, the C series has a split front boom while the B series have a solid front boom.
    Hope this helps!
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