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    Default Mowing sideways

    First of all, I would like to say thanks to everyone in this forum for all the expertise and the honest discussion here that led me to purchase my Toolcat 5600 D series back in April. I've watched this forum for some time now and this is my first posting. I've used my TC to start a weed spraying business in Montana and I am very pleased with this piece of equipment. It's been a very busy summer and I've put this machine to the test in some of the roughest terrain imaginable while carrying 200 gallons of spray solution and rocking out to the satellite radio.

    One thing I've learned is DO NOT get the TC stuck because getting this thing out of the mud sucks. I found a mud hole a couple of weeks ago and had to hire an excavator to get me out. Anyways, I'll post some pictures on that when I have time.

    Right now, I'd like to hear from some of the experienced mowers in the forum if they have tried using a rotary mower on the TC to mow slightly steeper right-of-ways while crab-steering sideways? I am purchasing a Brush Buster from Quick-Attach because it seems Bobcat is having some difficulty keeping these mowers in stock and keeping these things manufactured in the US. Does anyone have any opinions on the Quick-Attach mower versus the Brushcat? They seem pretty comparable but I'd like to say that Quick-Attach has great customer service.

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    Default Re: Mowing sideways

    Welcome to the Forum !!

    I do not have any mower experience, but can say that I have had very good luck with other attachments (snow blower, grapple rock bucket, concrete bucket) from Quick Attach.

    As you said, the folks I have dealt with have been very pleasent and knowledgable. The items seem to have been quite well built and have had no problems.

    From what I understand, crab-steer is not an officially recognized mode on a TC, but rather a temporary mode you can get into when absolutly necessary to get out of a bind. Not sure how it would work in the situation you describe, but it may.

    Would be nice if one could just flip a switch and use it regularly. I know a number of other equipment with all-wheel steer provide for crab mode as a regular operating mode.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: Mowing sideways

    Hello Dynamecc and welcome to the Forum and to TC ownership. I, too, have kept ToolCat busy in some challenging environments. I've enjoyed music in the cab-- I have the upgraded factory stereo, but I would like something much better than that. I've been bringing an Apple Hifi with my iPod lately, running it on an inverter. Anyway, I use the TC everyday. Today moving furniture with the forklift, then using the forklift as saw horse for painting some doors in my shop apartment.

    I know what you mean about getting TC unstuck. I got stuck earlier this summer. Check out these pictures:


    Regarding mowing, not sure I understand your question. Please give me more information. I have the Bobcat near finish mower, BrushCat, and also a boom arm flail mower from Skidsteer Solutions.

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    Default Re: Mowing sideways

    I use crab-steer when mowing along the ROW with a Bobcat finish style mower. It keeps the machine away from the bank while allowing the mower to reach out further over the bank. Not sure I get a lot more reach but it sure feels safer with most of the machine away from the bank.

    Not sure how well this will work using a mower that rides on a solid roller versus wheels. The Quick Attach mower looks like you should pick it up to turn around. The Bobcat finish style mower is designed to stay on the ground even when turning around.

    I would be comfortable making slight/gradual changes in direction with the Quick Attach but I would not be comfortable crab steering with it


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    Default Re: Mowing sideways

    Thanks dsb5610, this is what I was wondering about. I have contracted a few ROW mowing jobs and I'd like to use my new rotary mower (which should be here any day now!) to mow the bank while keeping the machine away from the bank. I knew this was probably a crazy idea but I always like to try new ways to cut corners (no pun intended!) I think that the ditch might not be too steep so that I can just drive straight forward without tipping over hopefully.

    This is why I was considering the Skid-Sickle from Skid Steer Solutions to get the job done. Well, having both a rotary mower and a sickle bar mower with me at all times would allow me to use the best tool for the best application. Some people with grass pastures prefer to lay the grass over nicely with a sickle mower where a rotary mower will make a glorious mess of the material. I can't wait to start mowing with the TC! I'll be carrying fresh water in my 100 gallon spray tank that mounts in the bed so I can offer guaranteed fire prevention to my clients when I am mowing, should any spark from a rock cause a fire.

    As many of you might have heard, Montana is burning up right now so I might just have to give up mowing and go join the firecrew with my nifty little Toolcat! I can haul just as much water as most pickup sprayers (100 gal in the bucket, 100 gal in the back) and can access more difficult terrain than a pickup can. I love the smooth suspension on the D Series! It really feels like you're just driving an oversized ATV on steroids!

    Thanks guys for the feedback!!! Great pictures Gadgetnut!

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    Default Re: Mowing sideways

    I frequently mow with a 72" rinish mower while "crab steering" to keep the back end form swinging into a fence or barn, etc. It works great. Moves the deck edge over toward where you want to cut and keeps the rest of the machine particularly the rear well clear of branches or other obstacles.

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