One of the most appealing things to me about any motive source running a hydraulic pump is the incredibly cool things that can be done with a source of oil flowing down a hose. I've done some experimenting in my time and had some moderate success with what I called The Wildlands Fire Hydrant.

I modified my concrete pump by adding a set of heavy duty high pressure quick disconnects and viola!
Using about 110 HP I could produce 2300 GPM filling 4000 gallon fire tenders in minutes.
For those of you who live in wild lands fire area you may want to modify your machines to do what I've done. I understand Bobcat makes a boom of sorts but fabricating a suitable boom should be no problem.

Hydraulic submersible pump, Bilge pump, Fast Flow pump

This link above shows a pump that would require nearly the limits of a ToolCat for only about four or five minutes filling a tender.

Now...If you had two lengths of about 50' of 3/4" hydie hose...a rear HYD manifold you could run the water up a 4" PVC pipe along a suitable boom and blow water into the top of a tender and use the forward control to manipulate the boom.

400 to 900 GPM pays about $500 - 750 day if you can stand working for the government.