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    Default Re: Crack in Toolcat frame

    I finally had a specialist come out to repair the frame failure on my Toolcat, here are some pictures of the welding process:

    Now that I have it apart, I will fix up some rusty spots and then start to reassemble it!

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    Default Re: Crack in Toolcat frame

    You should all check this area on your toolcats religiously!
    There is a joint there on the sides that Bobcat didn't weld...i guess they saved 5 bucks or something. Allows it to stress there. Mine cracked across the front which allowed the column to push backwards which busted my windshield in 2007. Bobcat said sorry stress cracks are not our problem. So 750 bucks later for a windshield and a decent amount of welding on the front (myself).
    Then in 2007 the side welds cracked open and the column pushed back and busted another windshield. Another 750 and did a ton of welding on the front and sides, then added reinforcing plates on top of that to further reinforce the area. Have had no more problem since. But the welding did burn a wire down inside the column which would not let the machine move. I couldn't find the problem so I had to pay Bobcat for that one. Glad it was just a wire though. The Bobcat dealer did say they had a bunch of those crack/windshield problems early on (mine is an A model I think, 2003. First yr made) but that Bobcat covered a few at first then started calling the cracks an abuse problem.

    So check yours regularly! a little welking is inexpensive compared to both welding and a windshield!


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    Default Re: Crack in Toolcat frame

    Reminds me of the boom cracks on the 863 c and f series machines. Late machines had gussets welded at the factory. Under warranty, my 863 developed a small crack in the lift arms. Because i had a full warranty, the replaced the entire lift arms which surprised me. They then welded gussets to beef that up and I never had another problem. When I sold it for a G series, the factory gussets looked and worked about the same. Less flex.
    Maybe the toolcat needs something like that? I need to go look at mine. I remember when this post first came out and I spent quite awhile looking for cracks. My toolcat has always squeaked and creaked and when I have a heavy load on on it, I feel like something is going to snap. Been thinking a lot about the lift arm design and wondering if it's just not designed well. Seems to me that there is too much stress on one point.
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