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    Default Bucket and lift speeds

    I put a 13' rafter boom on my tool cat. It brought up a few issues I'm wondering about.

    First because of the length of the boom, the movement of the lift cylinder and bucket cylinder are WAY to fast. To the point of being just about to dangerous to use.

    Is there anyway to adjust the speed of the cylinders without putting a controllable restrictor on the lines going to the cylinders?

    Second. I noticed that the bucket cylinder doesn't have as much force as the lift cylinder.

    By that I mean the lift cylinder can cause the bucket cylinder to "dump" or by-pass. I'm wondering if there are pressure relief valves in the system that are set to bypass a certain pressure? Maybe one or the other is not set right?

    I doesn't act like the cylinder is bypassing and I'm not getting any noticeable creep with the power/unit off.

    What ever it is, is very predictable and easy to duplicate. Just try to lift something too heavy with the lift cylinder and the bucket cylinder gives up.

    Try lifting with bucket rotation and nothing happens. Lower the bucket/lift with no load, then rotate the the bucket and lift and the load will dump the cylinder again.

    I tried to talk to the local service manager but I'm pretty sure he is married to the owners daughter. Thats the only reason I can think of that someone that useless can have that job.

    Oh yeah, One other problem that just started, I haven't had a lot of time to troubleshoot. The battery keeps going dead.

    I charge it up, and the unit starts and runs for about half a day then starts lighting up the alternator/battery light intermittently. Then the next time you try to start it... the battery is dead again.

    I pulled the pos battery cable with the unit running and it died right away so I'm thinking the alternator isn't charging????

    Don't know if the alternator is the same as most, but it isn't generating a magnetic field on the end of the center shaft when the unit is running either.

    Any thought on where to start looking on that one?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Default Re: Bucket and lift speeds

    I think a flow control valve or a needle valve would work.

    This flow control valve has adjustable flow in one direction and free flow in the other direction.

    Surplus Center - 3/8 NPT 8 GPM PRINCE WFC-600 IN-LINE FLOW CONTROL

    This valve has flow control in both directions.

    Surplus Center - 3/8 NPT 8 GPM PRINCE WNV-600 NEEDLE VALVE

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    Default Re: Bucket and lift speeds

    Thats what i'm thinking too. Probably should install two since the flow/speed will be different when the cylinder retracts and extends due to the cylinder shaft fluid displacement.

    But thanks for the link.

    Still having problems with the alternator. I can charge the battery over night and use the unit for a couple of hours then. After awhile I'll start getting a battery warning light which I'm guessing is probably reading low battery not zero alternator. It hasn't died due to no electrical, but if I shut it off it won't start unless I jump or restart it.

    Any thoughts on the alterantor Dennis?

    I'm thinking there is no "demand" sent to the alternator or the alternator has completely failed. I'm really surprised with all of the codes I'm not getting one for no charge

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