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    Default Toolcat Ac issue

    This don't seem like a huge deal but i need help with it. I recently bought a 05 Toolcat 5600. I noticed the ac don't work so i looked into it a bit. When you turn it on, the compressor does kick on and the outgoing line toward the center councel of the unit gets cold. IT still blows warm air. Im guessing it must go into a regulator or something but not sure. Basically the cold is coming from the compressor and then goes off to la la land. Please help

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    I had the same problem. There was two solutions for what I had. There was a heater valve that got stuck. The dealer replaced the valve and the air blew cold. The second issue was the hot, moist air wouldn't drain from the unit and it would freeze up. It's hard to get to but under the machine the condensation drain tube for the A/C can be cleaned out and I ended up making a stent to place in the tube to keep it open. It's tough to find that drain tube but it's up there under where the A/C sits.
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