Hello everybody, thanks for having this fourm. I sold my 07 Toolcat to payoff my house, 2 years later I bought a rusty 04 that I am in the middle of restoring. Welded in new floor panels and rebuit the bottom of the doors where the rust was pretty bad. One tire was shot so I checked on the price of a new set, I am not of fan of Bobcat's proprietary ways and their rims and tires are a perfect example. Option, to buy 16"rims with the 6 on 6 bolt pattern and 4&5/8 center(not easy to find but I think Pioneer Tire and Rim sells them). With a 16 in rim the load range E tire tread patterns are endless. I am currently looking into taking 16" Ford 8 bolt steel rims and putting in new centers(6 bolt 6 on 6) any shop with a cnc plasma cutter shold be able to make these. I checked into adapters to change from 6 on 6 to 6 on 5.5 price is around 200, about the same cost as the rims from Pioneer but the center where the rim rides on the axle would need addition rework. Bobcat lug tires suck in the snow and cost too much.
My next task to to get this toolcat to run at 24 to 25 miles an hour. I know it can be done from reading on a different post for snow removeal companies. Anyone have access to a Bobcat Dianostic tool?