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    Default Tool cat won't go into high speed rabbit mode?

    Hello I have a 2008 toolcat 5600 and it won't go into high speed. If I use a wire tester right off the switch it gets power so I know it's not the switch, also there is no codes. I can't find my manual I read on here there is a way to turn off and on the 2 speed so the bottom don't work. Does anyone know how to reset this or have the info in a manual. If this don't work does anyone have a picture of the solenoid I can test to see if it is getting power. I don't really want to pull the whole thing apart to trace wires. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Tool cat won't go into high speed rabbit mode?

    Did you recently buy this machine and 2 speed has never worked? or have you had it awhile and 2 speed quit woking on it?
    If I remember correctly the Toolcat non-Turbo engine had 2 speed as an option and the Turbo it was part of the Turbo Option package.
    If you bought it used and 2 speed has never worked, it either does not have the option or has been disabled. Here is how to check:
    1. With key OFF push the Speed/Hours/RPM button until RPM is displayed then hold button down for 3 seconds, the screen will take you inot more options.
    2. Push the Speed button repeating as needed to see if 1SPd displays. When it does push the WORK button to see if it changes to 2SPd.
    3. If or when it displays 2SPd push and hold the RPM/Speed button until "done" displays in the LCD window.
    2 speed should now be turned on.

    If 2 speed was working then quit and you are not getting a code, either the input signal from switch in not getting to the controller or all the electrical is working but the mechanical part of the solenoid is stuck or there is a hydraulic problem.

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