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    Default Best snow plow for toolcat. Pics of my toolcat.


    Just wondering what everyone else was using for a snow plow. I do a lot of backdraging driveways at town homes commercially. My snow blower works great when get over 3-4 inches or above. But I would prefer a plow on my toolcat for lighter storms. My biggest question is floating or fixed? I think to would be nice to have a floating plow and some kind of option to have down pressure with some fabrication. I have not seen a plow on the market that has both. Please let me know if someone knows of one.

    The two plows I have been looking at are the Big ox Hiniker c-plow or Blizzard 810.

    Hiniker big ox tilts 15 degrees side to side and has the folding c plow option that floats. I have c plows on my trucks and I am happy with how they work for back dragging.

    Blizzard 810 power plow has power wings that would be sweet for pushing big piles of snow after back dragging. I don't think this plow tilts side to side is the big issue for me when you get on uneven surfaces.

    Any insight would be great on the plow that "you" use

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    I adapted an 8' Meyers plow to a 3-point hitch adapter and fabricated a bracket for a top link. With the top link attached I have down pressure. If I want to float the blade then I will hook up the top chain. For the 3-point adapter I spent a little more money and purchased from Skid Steer Solutions. The 3-point adapter is solid and came with a bracket for the top link. Here are a few pics of the plow and adapter.
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    Also meant to say that I have been sing this set up for 3 winters and it has worked really well. I also have a snow blower for really bad snows but the plow has worked well for me as we tend to get a lot of wet snow and the blower doesn't work all that well in wet snow.

    This set up was a lot cheaper than buying a plow "made" for a skid loader.

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    Default Re: Best snow plow for toolcat. Pics of my toolcat.

    I use an 84" Bobcat snow blade. It does not have a separate float. It's very heavy (no need to add extra weight) and works well even with heavy, wet snow.

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    Default Re: Best snow plow for toolcat. Pics of my toolcat.

    Best snow blade is the Bobcat V snow blade for the TC. There is an optional pivot adapter that allows it to pivot. Yet you still have down pressure for back dragging or or packed snow. Blade is heavy and rarely need down pressure for forward pushing.

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    Default Re: Best snow plow for toolcat. Pics of my toolcat.

    The Bobcat snow blades are nice especially for the money.

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