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    Default Low Engine Oil Pressure

    The Low Engine Oil Pressure indicator on the control panel periodically comes on.

    The indicator seems to come on randomly, high engine speed or low engine speed (although more often at low throttle), slopes (more often on slopes) or level terrain, all kinds of weather conditions, etc.

    Other info: The engine seems to be fine- no smoke, no leaks, no change in normal RPM at differnet throttle settings, normal work performance, etc. I've installed a pressure gauge- when started, the engine pressure will read 55-60 psi at full throttle, and maybe 50 psi at idle. After working for a 30-60 minutes, the pressure might drop to 25-35 psi at idle, 40+ psi at full throttle. The light sometime comes on then (when it is lower), and sometimes it can come on when the pressure is even higher. Generally, the temp gauge reads 1/3 to 1/2 along the green range (within spec, no overheating).

    We've cleaned/replaced: Oil with higher viscosity, new oil filter, fuel filter, air filters, cleaned water and hyd. oil radiators, and replaced pressure sensor at engine.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Low Engine Oil Pressure

    I've run into this situation before. Every time it was either a bad sending unit, or a faulty gauge. Since you have added a mechanical gauge and it shows good oil pressure, I wouldn't worry about the light.

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    Default Re: Low Engine Oil Pressure

    Sounds like the oil pressure sending unit is failing. Here is a quick test. Start the engine. Unplug the sensor. Engine should only run for about 30 seconds. That will tell you if the controller is okay.

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    Default Re: Low Engine Oil Pressure

    Since a mechanical gauge has proven that you have good oil pressure, and you have replaced the light sender, I would suspect that you have a bare spot on the wire that is grounding at random intervals, as that is what makes the light go on.
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