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    Default Got the air pre-cleaner

    I had my dealer install the air pre-cleaner and boy am I sold! I use to have the little red warning thing on the air filter go off almost every time I mowed. But ever since I've had the pre-cleaner, the air filter has stayed clean and I'm dumping out about the same amount of dust out of the pre-cleaner canister, which is much easier to do than cleaning the air filter, by the way.

    It was a very neat installation and now the engine is getting it's air from six feet above the ground instead of from the mess kicked up by the mower. Bobcat should make this standard equipment.

    It was kind of expensive and $620 for the unit and $85 labor, but I think it's worth it. I was knocking off a LOT of dust out of the air filter before.

    I'll take the camera over and post some photos of the installation, in case anybody is interested.
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    Default Re: Got the air pre-cleaner


    I am interested in the pics of the installation. I have a pre-cleaner off of an old Deere I think I could add without much cost.


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    Default Re: Got the air pre-cleaner

    It's good to hear the pre-cleaner is working as it should. It's one more step towards protecting your investment. Rememebr, it doesn't take a lot of dust to destroy a cylinder wall and ruin an engine. Keeping your intake air clean is a huge part of getting the best out of your Toolcat. Even though the initial cost seems high, average that over the time your machine will last and it becomes cheap insurance.

    dsb- the installation is obviously designed for the machine but I don't see why you couldn't adapt something. It would be better than nothing. I tried to C&P a few pictures but for some reason I can't get them to post here. Sorry.

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    Default Re: Got the air pre-cleaner

    Keeping a clean air filter at all times is absolutely paramount when you are operating a turbocharged diesel engine.

    Aluminum turbocompressor blades don't last long when they are spinning @ 150,000+ rpms and hitting grains of sand or dirt......
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