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    toro wheelhorse

    Unhappy Toro Wheelhorse with B&S engine bearings gone?

    I have a Toro Wheelhorse with a 12.5HP B&S engine that when it runs (and only for a short time) will only run in low throttle. When I increase the throttle or heaven forbid actually start the blades it sputters & stalls. My mechanic type friend thinks that these engines have issues on hilly terrain (which I have) when the oil gets on the low side causing the bearings to wear out. Does this make sense and if that is the issue how hard a job is replacing the bearings.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Toro Wheelhorse with B&S engine bearings gone?

    I don't think bearings are causing your problem.

    If the bearings don't get enough oil, they will indeed wear out quickly. Typically that will cause the engine to run poorly for a very short time after which either the engine will "seize" (lock up so it won't turn at all) or else the connecting rod (which connects the piston to the crankshaft inside the engine) will break.

    If you have the proper level of oil in the crankcase, you'd have to be on a really steep hill (more like a bank) to prevent the engine from getting the proper lubrication.

    Many things could cause your engine to behave that way. The two very basic things to check are
    1) clogged fuel filter
    2) clogged air filter
    If either of those is clogged, the engine may run normally when it doesn't need much fuel or air, but will run poorly when you try to speed it up.

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    Default Re: Toro Wheelhorse with B&S engine bearings gone?

    Any smoke when it dies? If so what color? Pull the plug and check spark? Check sparl plug color black, tan, or white?

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