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    546cowboy - the machine in your avatar is the type that I was referring to. To me - that style with the horizontal shaft and the PTO pulley on the right side and this body style is the BEST version of these machines.
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    Default Re: What's the story with this Toro WHEELHORSE?

    I agree 100%. The only reason I have that 269H is that I saved it from the scrap yard. I save everyone I can. Around here there just aren't many that get to the scrap yard.
    I have had occasion to work on many brands and nothing compares to the older Wheel Horses.
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    Default Re: What's the story with this Toro WHEELHORSE?

    Agreed with all above. The plastic Wheel Horse was a name drop, not a build spec. Metal wheel horse tractor will last forever. Your dad was paid for the blower attachment, not the tractor. I had more of that tractor come in than any other make. Tons of parts on them is a fast-wear item which needs replacement every year. Someone at Toro got greedy with that model line.

    I have a 1990 Wheel Horse 3-18 which will be around for 3-4 decades to come, easy.
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    Default Re: What's the story with this Toro WHEELHORSE?

    I just purchased a 1998/99 Toro/Wheel Horse 520Xi with a 60" deck for $1500. A good deal I think, since it is in great condition. My only issue is I am having a bugger of a time finding a snow blow/blade for this thing. I have tried all the local and not so local tractor/mower dealers here in Maryland and some in PA. Any suggestions? This sucker is HEAVY, with no plastic panels on it.
    My other dilema is before I moved out West I sold my 72" Belly mower on my 2004 kubota B7800HST 4x4. Now it sits in my barn with no attachments. The FEL that fits is will run about 4K to purchase/install. I was thinking of selling it (only 305 hrs). Thanks
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    Try New Haven power equipment in Vermont. Last I cheked, they still had most attachments for the 5xi series and even some NOS Wheel Horse tractors, and they will ship for a price. Good luck.

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    Default Re: What's the story with this Toro WHEELHORSE?

    I would rather 10 times over have that newer WH as that cheap built Husky sitting behind it. My neighbor has one of those big Huskys an the frame for it isn't much more than thickness of a dime.

    Even though that is the newer style horse, they are still pretty dang stout.

    If I was you I'd sell the Husky an keep the Horse. You'll see down the road what I am talking about if you keep the Husky....hahahahaha
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    Default Re: What's the story with this Toro WHEELHORSE?

    That tractor isn't bad, and the snowblower looks expensive. $1600 probably wasn't a bad price. OTOH, I just got a "new" wheelhorse this past weekend myself:

    It's a 1967 model 1067. 45 years old and still runs, mows, the lights still work, and I think it still has original tires on it. I traded an '03 XR50, and got the tractor and a Stihl backpack leaf blower. Not bad.


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    Default Re: What's the story with this Toro WHEELHORSE?

    That is one beautiful machine, Jay4200. Could those really be the original tires? Ours rotted away after "only" about 24 years..
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    Default Re: What's the story with this Toro WHEELHORSE?

    Quote Originally Posted by 546cowboy View Post
    Obviously there aren't many die hard Wheel Horse fans here. The last true Wheel Horses were built into the 90's. They didn't have plastic body panels and had a real frame. There were some of the C series with a plastic seat pan. There was never a better garden tractor made for the price.

    The one you have is a TORO and was meant to be a lawn mower and maybe use a snow plow attachment. Since that one your dad has is brand new and never used the price would be higher than normal. But it will never last like the originals and they are a nightmare to work on.

    I know as I recently picked up a 1996 Toro/Wheel Horse 269H. It needed a new drive belt and when I went to get one at my Toro dealer, they were glad I was going to do it and let me use their service manual. They told me it took them 2+ hrs. to change one and they were sure right about that. I had to take what seemed like half the tractor apart to change the darned thing. It took me three hours and much cussing to do it.

    The 269H was missing the hood when I got it and you can't find a good one anywhere. New is about $800. I bought a replacement that a guy in Ohio makes with fibreglass for 1/4 of that.

    Can you share info on Ohio man that made replacement hood??

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