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    Default 520 xi overheating

    Has anyone experienced a situation with a 20 HP Kohler air cooled on a 520 XI where the guage says it is getting to hot but I can't find any obstruction around the engine or oil cooler?

    I have blown everything out with high pressure air but the way the engine is installled the back of the engine is inaccessible.
    Since Kohler offers a kit for access panels to clean out the rear of the fins I suspect this may have been a design flaw although the back of engine where these panels would go is still inaccessible since it is up against a firewall on the 520XI and installing them and using them would involve hours or disassembly.

    The machine runs smooth so I don't think it is running lean... is there a way to check it out before I throw down $70 on a new temperature sensor??

    Love the machine and it only has 65 hours... it is a 2004 that I got from a dealer after they were discontinued.

    Any input appreciated!


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    Default Re: 520 xi overheating

    Hi WHW,

    I have the Kohler service manual for your engine (I have a 522xi), and for overheating it list the following possibilities:

    Air intake/grass screen clogged, cooling fins, or cooling shrouds clogged
    Excessive engine load
    Low crankcase oil
    High crankcase oil
    Faulty carburetor
    Lean fuel mixture
    SMART-SPARK, malfunction (applicable models)

    I have not had an overheating problem with my tractor, so I can't point you to anything in particular.

    How long does it take before it shows "hot"?
    What are you doing when it reads "hot"? Mowing at full rpm?
    Did anything change recently, did you change the oil?


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    Default Re: 520 xi overheating

    Leave the air filter assembly in place and use a leaf blower to clear out the dust in the area
    around the air cleaner everytime you mow and the entire engine
    compartment as this will
    solve the issue for you.

    Are you using Sea Foam for the fuel? We had our 525 muffler plug up from carbon
    and we also had a bad set of coils.

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