So I have a Toro Proline 220, its older and has been doing fine but lately seems like its getting starved for fuel. It will start up and run, I'll start mowing then it decides to stall out... If I choke it however it'll run again for a bit, then does it again...finally I'll have to keep it mostly choked to get it back to the barn.
I replaced the fuel filter and same thing. It has new gas in it.

I looked at the fuel pumps for them and they want $160-$180.. seems high. The also have a fuel pump for an onan powered generator/welder that looks IDENTICAL for $22.. will it work or is it metered different?

What else should I be looking at?

Was thinking the vacuum line, but no Idea how to even get to it without full disassembly of the engine shrouds!!

Help, and thanks..