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    Default Diesel vs Gas Grand Cherokee

    I guess most of you guy's have heard of the new diesel in Grand Cherokee's, my question is, except for economy, how much power difference between the small V6 diesel, and the Hemi. Anyone know/test driven one and can compare?


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    Default Re: Diesel vs Gas Grand Cherokee

    I am no Hemi lover but for the cost difference of the diesel it would hard to beat that Hemi in a Cherokee. I would guess the Hemi would get 15mpg in a small vehicle. I had one in a 2500 Dodge Truck and it was a gas hog, 10ish and sometimes 12 mpg and I really did not like it for towing, had to really run some rpm's. That engine would make a good match on a non tow rig. Has a lot of pep.

    I would be scared of a diesel in a Dodge/Jeep product that is not a Cummins. Remember the Jeep Liberty Diesel a few years ago. What a POS.


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    Default Re: Diesel vs Gas Grand Cherokee

    The new diesel in the Cherokee's is a Mercedes engine that has proven so far to be pretty reliable with the ability to achieve mid 20's mpg on the highway and high teen's in city driving. If I had to choose, I would go with the diesel every time as I doubt the Hemi is going to give you any kind of respectable mpg. If you want the most information though, your best option would be to go onto a Jeep forum and see what you can find.
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    Default Re: Diesel vs Gas Grand Cherokee

    As a died in the wool diesel advocate I can spout how diesel is more reliable, less maintenance and a ton of other cr@p. However for now the good old US of A is biased to Regular Unleaded Gas (RUG).
    I think this may be a republican plot because they got upset with all the hippies driving Volkwagens using Low Sulfur Diesel and getting 50mpg. A little LSD goes a long ways. But now, once again, LSD is almost illegal, and we have to use ULSD.
    And ULSD costs a bunch more then RUG in most of the US.
    15mpg on RUG at $1.75,gal equals 20mpg for diesel at $2.30/gal,, and for a while the difference was greater in price.
    Also it seems like a lot of "auto" owners despise the smell of my favorite perfume, diesel.

    Last year as I was purchasing my VW TDI station wagon I really wanted a diesel SUV but none of the SUV's cut it in reliability.

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    Default Re: Diesel vs Gas Grand Cherokee

    Catching up and just saw this post... A few months ago "J P Magazine" had a rather long article on the diesel Cherokee. As I remember they liked it, and it was used to tow an "off road" on a trailer to the boonies. This magazine is usually truthful, plain spoken, and they have a web site. It would be worth checking out if you're still interested.

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