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    Default mobile home axles in tn.

    can anyone tell me if in the state of tn. if they are legal ? i was told you could use them if you change the tires to lowboy trailer tires ..not mobile home tires .. if anyone knows for sure, let me know.. thanks bruce
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    Default Re: mobile home axles in tn.

    I know in Indiana its not legal because the axles are stamped "one time use" or something like that. Also, like you said the tires are marked "Mobile Home Use" or something like that. The real problem is parts. They are tough to get and cost a arm and a leg if you need bearings, brakes, hubs, ect.

    Now all that being said I have seen more than a few trailers at the lake running them. I personally would not take them even if free. The cost just adds up and I can get new 3.5K brake axles for under $200 here.


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    Default Re: mobile home axles in tn.

    I hauled my race car on a trailer made from a mobile home axel for many years. I had to shorten the axel as it was too long to be legal, (Would have made the trailer over width) and when I welded it back together I ground one side just a smidge shorter than the other to give the wheels a tiny bit of a toe in. This kept the trailer from having any sway behind the truck.

    I used the regular mobile home tires and never had a problem with them. I got them for free from a friend who owned a mobile home retail outlet. I figured the race car weighed a lot less than the mobile home did and some of the homes he sold were made over a thousand miles away and the tires showed almost no wear, so they would be good for the shorter trips I would take with them.

    I never traveled through Tn. though.
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