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    Default Best lift type for 14' and longer dump trailer

    What type of lift is better for longer length dump trailers, a two cylinder lift or a single cylinder scissor type lift? I have seen both types on 14' and 16' dump trailers and get conflicting statements from trailer salesmen on which is best. Of course the system they used is always the better way.

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    Default Re: Best lift type for 14' and longer dump trailer

    I've owned various dump trucks and one dump trailer with the two types and I prefer the single and multi-stage pistons vs the scissor lift.

    The biggest reason is that over time all the contact points on the scissors lift bind up and make the lift harder. At one time, my old dump truck was so bound up that it wouldn't go down on it's own. I had to use the "power down" feature just for the empty dump bed to go down. The scissor-type also seems to be slower.
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    Default Re: Best lift type for 14' and longer dump trailer

    I have used both types also. Real world experience for me is 3 different 1970's era dump trucks. I also pull my uncle 14' 14,000# Bri-Mar dump trailer with dual cylinders all the time. I put 5.5 tons in it and it dumps no problem.

    I think both have advantages but either way if you are buying a dump trailer I would want it simple and light. Easy to work on and get parts for would also be a consideration. It would take you 15 years of using it every day to wear it out if its a quality made trailer.


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    Default Re: Best lift type for 14' and longer dump trailer

    My International 8' dump has a scissor type lift. I would say that the forces needed to make it operate are much higher than a simple multistage cylinder. More force means more wear.
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    Default Re: Best lift type for 14' and longer dump trailer

    My 14' Cam dump trailer has dual cylinders. I could see where a heavily off balanced load my increase wear with a single cylinder. For use on the property I have put some pretty heavy loads (heaping with dirt/rock) and not had any problems.


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