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    Default Utility trailer winter storage

    My utility trailer has to sit outdoors this winter, used to store it in a barn with a wood floor. The tires are ST type, what would be the best surface to have the tires resting on, wood, patio blocks, or whatever? Since I don't plan to use it until next spring, putting the axle up on jack stands would be practical for me IF it would extend the life of the tires over the length of ownership. Thanks for any input.

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    Default Re: Utility trailer winter storage

    Patio blocks under the tires and a cover over the tires should take care of it. You might get some benefit from putting it on jackstands, but I would be surprised if it was measurable.

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    Default Re: Utility trailer winter storage

    If you do put it up, I think it is better to put blocks under the frame of the trailer not the axles.

    This will help keep the springs in good shape.

    Also, my trailers both have notes in the manuals not to support the weight of the trailer with blocks under the axles as the axles may be damaged.

    I use blocks on all 4 corners of mine and allow the wheels to hang about 2 - 3 inches off the ground.

    I suppose ideally one should take the wheels off but , well, you know....extra work

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    Default Re: Utility trailer winter storage

    I jack all of our trailers up and put them on blocks. Both for indoor and outdoor storage. It helps, especially with heavier trailers like them stored with boats on them. If not flat spots develop that will weaken the belts and lead to blow outs.

    If I had to leave a trailer of mine out I would jack it up, take the wheels off, and store them indoors.


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    Default Re: Utility trailer winter storage

    Well, I'm half way there. Mine is up about three inches on cap blocks, but the wheels are on. I cover the wheels/tires with old tarps to keep the sun off. It seems to me that re-torqueing the wheel nuts to 100 ft lbs is a lot of wear and tear on the studs when doing it annually or when servicing as the years go by. Maybe the wear and tear is mostly on me. BTW, having the 3 pt trailer hitch on the kubota sure makes moving it around real easy.
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    Default Re: Utility trailer winter storage

    I put concrete blocks with PT lumber on top under the frame for my 20 foot trailer. I use my other trailers, a 5x12 and a smaller utility trailer made from the bed of a full size Dodge PU, throughout the entire year. Others may use a different method, but this has always worked for me.
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