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    Default Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    The wife is about due for a new vehicle. We want to get another camper also. No big 5th wheel like we've owned in the past. Looking at a 25ft travel trailer. She had much rather have a large SUV than a truck. Thinking about a Chevy Tahoe or GMC Yukon. Does anyone pull a TT w their Tahoe/Yukon? If so, How well do you like the setup? Thanks in advance for replies.
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    Default Re: Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    it all depends on which camper you get.. set up correctly the tahoe will do fine with most 25 footers...weight distributing hitch and air bags in the rear are a must IMO..

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    Default Re: Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    Tahoe, Suburbans, (Yukon/Yukon XL) that is what they do, tow.

    I've always towed (when I did tow a TT) with a Suburban, that extra 18" of wheel base makes a difference when freeway towing. Observe the manufacture's loading rates and tongue weight and you will be fine with either model. Your TT dealer should make sure your set-up is correct for the tow vehicle.

    I do find it interesting the the Tahoe can pull a few extra pounds over the Suburban, must be the loss of weight from the shorter wheelbase.

    Be sure to order the built-in brake controller, from what I've read, this is aces.
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    Default Re: Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    IMO that may put you over the comfortable limit for a Tahoe. It is not just suspension and axle capacity, but also frontal area of the trailer exposed to highway-speed wind resistance, and raw weight when you are climbing hills.

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    Default Re: Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    My neighbor, a Suburban and his roughly 25 foot travel trailer met with a quite strong crosswind in the N.C. mountains resulting in both winding up on their side. Regardless of being within rated weight and legal, he said he'll never be towing with less than crew-cab dually again. Not a vote here either way - just something to think about.
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    Default Re: Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    I use my 2005 Expedition with 3.73 gears and HD tow package to pull my 10k# 20' utility trailer AND my 28.5' long travel trailer. My truck is rated to tow 8,600#. And before anyone asks, NO, I do not fully load my 10k trailer. It was ~$200 difference between a 7k trailer and a 10k trailer, so I purchased more trailer anticipating the (eventual) purchase of a larger truck.

    My travel trailer is something about 6,200# wet and loaded.

    My Expedition does acceptably, but JUST so.

    I got tired of "white knuckling" when a truck passed me, so I purchased a $3,000 Hensley Arrow articulating linkage hitch which did an AMAZING job of removing the truck-induced sway.

    In case you aren't aware, the physical principal of PV=MRT dictates that when velocity increases, pressure decreases. This is a large component of what keeps a plane afloat. It is also what happens when a travel trailer is passed by a semi-trailer...the trailers literally get sucked together.

    The semi doesn't feel this effect near as much (nor do 5th-wheelers) because the pivot point is over the rear axle. With the behind-the-axle pivot point of a bumper-pull trailer, this action actually "pulls" the ball closer to the semi which "pushes" the nose of the truck AWAY from the semi, forcing the driver to turn TOWARD the semi to compensate. It all happens in a split second and is very disconcerting.

    MY POINT: Short wheelbase trucks (Tahoe/Yukon/Sequoia/Expy/Armada) don't handle longer trailers very well.

    Before my 28.5' long trailer, I pulled a 21.5' long trailer that pulled pretty well. Of course, it weighed half as much.

    If I were you, I'd be looking at a Suburban or Yukon XL. Or I'd make darn certain I was keeping the weights down and factored a top-dollar hitch into the equation. Look at Hensley Arrow or Pro Pride. Both good hitch systems that ELIMINATE sway and make your short wheelbase towing experience safer. No, I'm not a salesman. Just a satisfied user.

    MY OPINION, IN CASE YOU WANT TO HEAR IT: Whatever 1/2 ton truck you buy, if you keep camping with the travel trailer you end up with a 3/4 or 1 ton truck. Diesel engines rock.
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    My co pilot has a Yukon XL with the 5.3, 4x4, 4.10 gears.

    He pulls a 26 travel trailer with one slide, 7500# loaded. It does ok in the flat grounds but he said its pretty piggy when he went out west.

    7.5 mpg is what he averages at 63mph. He has towed it enough to have figured out that going any faster kills the mpg. He got as low as 5.5 mpg in the hills trying to run with traffic.


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    Default Re: Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    I have a 2003 tahoe with 4.8l engine. I think 3.83 gears. About 4 years ago I pulled a 20` hybrid travel trailer from Winnipeg to LA. 9000kms round trip. It was fine on the flats, but in the mountains it worked hard, in the mountain passes in was really really earning its keep! Nice trip but I wouldn`t do it again with that set. I had a weight distributing hitch. Mileage was probable 7-9 but I didn`t keep real good records.

    Funny thing was the summer after I had the transmission oil changed by a local transmission shop, 3 months later my wife blew it on her way home from work. It may have been the towing of an over loaded dump trailer on frost cracked highway that killed though.

    For occassional weekend towing I think you will be happy.
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    Default Re: Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    If it is in the weight rating for the vehicle, you should be ok. It aint a race... Get in the hills and you will have to go slower.

    Amazing we used to tow these things with 150hp engines, 3sp tranny, no over-drive.....
    RobertN in Shingle Springs Calif

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    Default Re: Tahoe/Yukon for pulling a 25ft travel trailer.

    I have a 2010 Tahoe with the 5.3 and factory towing package (8500#). It has 3.42 gears and factory oil and transmission cooler.

    I also have a 1999 F-250 with 7.3 Powerstroke and 6 speed transmission.

    Last year I decided to tow our 1984 24' Pontoon boat to the lake with the Tahoe. The boat has a steel trailer with wooden furniture and a 150 Mercruiser hanging off the back. I had always towed it with my F250.

    The Tahoe was on the floor most of the time (in tow/haul). The dash readout said 2 mpg on the hills around our house. On the flats it said 6-8 mpg and you could definitely tell that the boat was back there. The boat sits down the F250 about 1" when I hook it up and there is no bouncing. The Tahoe is another matter. It is very bouncy with the boat and the boat sits it down about 3".

    I wouldn't even think of hooking a 25' travel trailer behind the Tahoe.

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