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    Default Re: 2001 F350 XLT 4x4 20k miles

    Quote Originally Posted by RDrancher View Post
    For the most part, I think you are correct.

    My original trans was eaten by shavings and chunks coming out of the TC for sure. I could here the normal " shaking can of pea gravel" sound coming from it before I bought it (it was an early lease turn-in.) Knowing what the problem was and relaying that to the dealer resulted in me getting the extended warranty thrown into the deal (AFTER I negotiated the price.) The next trans lost two forward gears. The next one lost ALL forward gears, but reverse worked fine. I backed three miles to the nearest shop. I still think that the second one failed because pieces from the TC were still in the system somewhere, but I'll never know for sure. It was an AAMCO rebuild.

    If I hadn't needed the truck "right now" when the trans failed after the warranty was up, I would have ordered a BTS or Suncoast. That would have been the end of the trans problems for sure. I run a programmer, but after the third trans failed, I drive like I have an egg between my foot and the "roll-coal-now" pedal when the trailer is hooked up.

    Interesting that you mentioned the oilfield trucks. The guy that built my last trans works mostly on oil / gasfield trucks.
    Funny, I always told people that it sounded like marbles in a tin can! Very common failure in 99's. I always replaced the aux cooler and blew brake cleaner into the radiator cooler until it looked good in a white cloth. Most would just shoot some air through the coolers leaving a ton of junk in both coolers. When the trans gets hot with the new fluid it breaks the crud loose and it ends up back in your trans. Takes a while to work through the filter/strainer and in about 10-20k you have a slipping non shifting trans again. Brian showed me the passage in my trans for the lockup circuit [I think, been 5years ago] and it was black with crap. The rest of the trans looked really good. Surprised me how good everything else looked. CJ
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    The cooler on a Ford should always be replaced. It can't be properly flushed, even a dedicated transmission flush tool. I always added an inline filter to the cooler lines also.

    The valve body on the E40D/4R100 is very susceptible to debris.
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