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    Default Re: Tmie for a new battery...or is it?

    Batteries make me mad as wet cat when there not working right,as soon as they get weak, there gone. If you dont,the summer heat will kill it or the winter cold. LUTT

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    Default Re: Tmie for a new battery...or is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by yelbike View Post
    I need a new battery in my 2007 truck. Its died a few times in the shop when the tint guys were doing the glass and again when they replaced the roof skin, they kept using. Now it has died twice on me at home. Both times was when I used the factory remote start, it doesn't start than the radio and lights stay on killing the battery. It's fine the rest of the time. So here's my question. I've learnt a little on here about desulfation. Is my battery beyond repair or is it a prime candidate? Is the process like preventative maintaince or is it reactionary repair?

    Thanks for all and any help and suggestions.

    I use this truck as a service truck so it needs to be reliable.
    By it's age, the battery has seen a full life but you really need to try and find root cause of the problem. Could be the battery but it also could be a bad connection or two. Possibly even the starter solenoid. No sense throwing money at the problem until you know for sure what the cause is.

    When it comes to desulfators, there are a couple design approaches. A lot, especially when they are part of a charger, just boost the voltage for a short period. The better design approach is ones that use a very short period high voltage pulse. The pulse design is the better approach.

    Recently the engine on my motorhome refused to start. Before that all seemed normal. Took some testing but eventually found the solenoid shot. Replaced that and all was running smoothly again.
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    Default Re: Tmie for a new battery...or is it?

    well up untill this time 8 years was max on anything i have ever owned but my wife's yoyo has 9 years on it and still checks out good. but on average it is 5 years.

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    Default Re: Tmie for a new battery...or is it?

    New battery for the work truck.The peace of mind makes it worth while. I too have one of the battery chargers to desulfate old batteries. Put two 1000 cranking amp batteries on the charger to test in a 1989 ford diesel. Left the batteries outside when charging on the ground. Charger was automatic and I removed it when done. Two days later the batteries were stolen from where I left them.

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    Default Re: Tmie for a new battery...or is it?

    Thanks for the advice guys! I bought a new battery a couple days ago. Reliability was the issue, maybe I wait to try the process on a battery that doesn't leave the yard.
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    Default Re: Tmie for a new battery...or is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by murphy1244 View Post
    Hardest for me to keep is motorcycle batterys
    AND, they keep going up in price. $125 for a new OEM battery is way too much. If my batteries last through 3 years, they get replaced in the 4th year. Especially on the two wheel vehicles!
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