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    The two best trucks I ever owned:
    92 Toyota 4wd 4 banger and five speed great truck, should have never parted with it.
    00 reg cab 1/2 ton silverado 4wd with z85 suspension. The truck was a tough tough truck. It would flat walk in the mud and pulled hard. Replaced transmission at 110k, rear end at 90k. Wrecked twice t-boned & later rear ended. It was my first new truck ever. Pulled out an 18 wheeler loaded with windows that got stuck on the job site. Had twice pipes coming from the cats and it snorted pretty loud. Used as my first welding truck. Had the entire bed full welder, tanks, gangbox, weather guard saddle box full, and full pork chop box and late one night needed to move equipment to next work site. Hooked to trailer and loaded a b21? kubota backhoe. Guy working with me commented that truck hardly squatted, I looked and explained it was because we were on the axles. Off she went. Sold it to my neighbor, and he still uses it to haul hay in the summer.

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    Default Re: Good truck experiences.

    On the farm right now !

    1990 gm seirra 2wd 5.7 with 478'000
    1999 ford f150 4wd 4.6 with 345'000
    2000 dodge 2wd 5.3 with 298'000
    2002 chev tahoe 4.8 with 320'000
    2008 chev trailblaizer with 146'000
    2010 GM sierra 4x4 crew with 4.8 52'000

    Personally i dont regard gas milage too much and am far more into the reliability and having a vehicle there when you need it . All things considered the old 90's 350 chev has been the rock and cost us the least second to that is my f150 ( alternator ,battery, used 4wd drop box and 2 tyres in 5 years) we have owned 4 dodge gassers over the years and there will not be another . (Rust the worst,Terrible on gas and trannies seem to be made on tissue paper )

    The newer chevs are having more than their share of electrical problems , We are due for some upgrades and they will be fords .

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    Default Re: Good truck experiences.

    For Longevity it would have to be my 1930 Model A Ford Pickup...

    For durability, my 85 G20 Chevy Van has been a real workhorse... it weighs in close to 10k which is 1200 pounds over the GVW because it is loaded with racks and supplies and has been for 25 years...

    My 91 Chevrolet Style side is my tow vehicle... it has the 350 with the higher Hp and it does well towing my enclosed vehicle trailers...

    I thought seriously about a Diesel Excursion... borrowed my neighbors a couple of times and found it to be a great long distance tow vehicle... too bad Ford dropped the line.

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    Default Re: Good truck experiences.

    The truck that stands out in my mind was a 1990 Chevy regular cab, 2 wheel drive, long bed, 350 V8. Its not the best truck I've owned, but it was my first, and by far the best buy I've every gotten on a vehicle. The dealer had just gotten the vehicle on trade and instead of thinking how much he could jack up the price, he probably sold it to me for a little mark up for what he took it in on trade. In my opinion, it was the first modern pick up where they started to make them more comfortable. I think its the truck that made Dodge and Ford start to modernize their trucks. It got about 20 mpg on the highway and I drove it for about 2 years. Traded it on a 94 Dodge and ignoring the numbers games dealers play, I got more on trade in then I paid for it.

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    Default Re: Good truck experiences.

    i can tell you that in my exprience as a machanic for long time and we are not comparing gas to diesel. the best most dependable mid size pickup for many years was the toyota all we ever did to most of them was normal sevice. i have seen several of them with 3 hundred thousand miles and still going.

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    Default Re: Good truck experiences.

    Best compact pickup:

    '97 Toyota Tacoma 4x4, 2.7L 5spd. 270,000mi with nothing more than routine maintenance and one starter.

    Best Full-size:

    '88 Ford F-250 4x4, 460 5spd. I can't say the truck has been trouble free, but at 240,000mi (mostly of which were work miles, hauling, towing etc) it's bound to have some problems. Rebuilt the motor at 170K, new transfercase at 235K, only routine maintenance otherwise and never left me stranded.

    Best Medium-duty:

    '75 Chevy C-60, 350, 4+2spd. 37yrs old, 130,000 (very hard miles), it still runs great and I hauled 200tons of gravel with it just a couple weeks ago. Truck is still 100% original and required nothing but basic maintenance.
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    Seems to be a lot of us Toyota fans. Now if they would build a 1ton diesel.


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    Default Re: Good truck experiences.

    2001 Dodge 1500, Changed two tie rod ends, and it's up to 150,000 mi. Brakes, tires, plugs and wires of course. Was at the honda place to get parts for the car and the salesman tried to talk me into replacing it. I told him it's paid for and less than $200 in repairs and he did not have much to say.

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    Had a 2001 F150 and 2004 GMC 1500, both 4x4. Both were great trucks and went well over 100k, but not without a few problems. I won't list them, but none were beyond my skill set to repair. I think if I had the 4.6 or 5.4L V8 in the Ford, I'd still be driving it (it had the V6). The truck was a nice daily driver, rode nice and smooth, responsive, and visibility like a bubble. It was the perfect driveway plowing rig (short bed, regular cab). The GMC was just a bit more comfortable (long bed, SLE) and had the bigger V8. Ironically both had similar problems: wheel bearings and electrical woes.
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    I was at the dodge dealership today and seen this. It's a mopar body kit. The way this one was setup they said 64,500. It's neat but no way it's worth that. I was thinking if keep did offer this as a production vehicle at a reasonable price they would sell.
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