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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sterff View Post
    I agree with everyone around 1-2 cord. Here is my old trailer with roughly 3 cords on it.

    Thats a good load. BTW----A cord of wood is 128 cu/ft. Face cord??? Buyer beware.
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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    Here's my trailer - 80" x 16' with 48" sides, which computes to 3-1/3 real cords. Loaded loose as you see it, it stacks out to just over 2 cords.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Firewood guess?-firewood-2012-09-04-jpg  
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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    Quote Originally Posted by RobertN View Post
    A US or Canadian cord is 128 cubic feet.

    Wonder about the US cord; it does not appear related similarly. It certainly is not a cubic yard.
    A cord is about 4 3/4 cubic yards.

    or 25 1/6 cubic cubits, for you old guys


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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    My question is why not cut all the rounds to the right length when the logs are being cut for loading?...just curious...but there is still some work to do before some of that is ready for the splitter...(unless you have a huge FP etc..?
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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sterff View Post
    102"x16' with 36" sides.
    I'm pretty sure my buddy's trailer is at least 16' x 8'.

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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    Quote Originally Posted by GManBart View Post
    I'm pretty sure my buddy's trailer is at least 16' x 8'.
    With the wheels on the outside of the deck it's not going to be a full 8' wide, more likely 7' or maybe 7'6". I figured it was 16' by 7.5' by about 1.5' high (1' sides with a little extra because it's piled higher than the sides). That's 180 cubic feet. A cord is 128 cubic feet. Since it's not split nor stacked I figure you're at about a cord or a little more.
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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    My guess would be three face cord. For hauling with the dump truck I stand 3/4 inch plywood on end. Four sheets of wood eight ft high. stack some on the part that goes over the cab and tilt the tailgate at about 30 degrees. throw some straps over everything and you have a nice productive load.

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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    Quote Originally Posted by murphy1244 View Post
    I didn't know they even had a cord spec in metric
    The seller claimed 'metric' because he was caught at short changing the client. He is the same guy that cuts at 14-16" bur never over 16".
    But then he is not a TBN type, just a looser that tries to take advantage of weekenders that don't know any better.
    His advertised price is always 20% lower than market.

    He got his a couple of years ago as he also added sales tax to his prices but forgot to remit to the gov't.

    Another of his tricks is to have what he calls 'fireplace' and 'stove' cords.
    Stove being 12" and fireplace being 16". Sells both at same price and mostly delivers shorter at higher price.
    But then he finds new suckers every year.

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    Default Re: Firewood guess?

    Quote Originally Posted by 2458n View Post
    My guess would be three face cord
    Same here, sounds like its a trustworthy friend so make him pay for only 2 face cords now and once its cut-splitted-stacked he can make the final instalment on the right measure.

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    I haul wood all the time on my similar trailer. Its three ricks.


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