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    Default Pulling with a F150

    Was looking for some advice on pulling a Nissan Titan with my 2007 F150. I have a towing package. Is it possible to pull on a car hauler for 50 miles?

    Saw there was a post on how much someone had pulled with his F150 vs pulling with his Titan.

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    Should be no problem as long as it fits on the trailer. What is wrong with the Titan?


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    Should not be a problem. I have hauled several broke down pickups on my car hauler behind my 2005 F-150 with tow package. It handles the load well and according to the book, I am we'll within my maximum tow capacity. The only thing is that it will suck down fuel pretty fast with that kind of a load.
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    Default Re: Pulling with a F150

    only issue I see is getting the truck sitting right on the car trailer for proper weight distribution eg tongue weight. Other than that should be no issue.
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    Default Re: Pulling with a F150

    You won't have any trouble at all. I pulled a 5500 lb. travel trailer with my '05 F150 with no trouble. The Titan + trailer will weight a tad more, but will be much more aerodynamic. Check the brakes and air pressure in the tires on the trailer, strap the truck down well, and you'll be fine.

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    Default Re: Pulling with a F150

    i've made pulls like that.

    get the tougt right.. use correct straps a.. be safe and legal and go for it.

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    Default Re: Pulling with a F150

    Chain it down good and tight and you should not have a problem at all if everything is in working order. Not sure what your temps are like in Tx but if it is good and hot maybe keep an eye on your temp gauge just in case.

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