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Had interstate battery in my Load Trail dump trailer that would not go a full dump cycle but passed a Midtronics tester and a carbon pile test.

The Interstate dealer did one last test with a hydrometer and one cell was bad, so battery faults are not always picked up by modern testers. Even blew the charge fuse on the truck when dumping because battery voltage dipped so far solved that by putting thermal circuit breaker 5 amp less rating then truck charge fuse.

Also have 2 small 5 watt panels with charge control to maintain and plug in if possible for a bulk charge or use small generator if needed.

David Kb7uns
I have almost no faith in the modern digital testers. My carbon pyle on the other hand has detected 2 bad batteries that the digital testers said were good. With the load adjustable from 0 to 500 amps you can test all but the biggest batteries and load test to just about any time with fan cooling. Deep cycle batteries get tested at low draw for long draw times and that is a big plus because most don't like high draw and it will damage them after a while. CJ