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    Default Re: Insuring F450

    You're most likely going to need a commercial insurance policy on it since the CT combo plate is only valid up to 12,500 GVWR, which means you are going to end up with a Commercial Vehicle plate (which means you can't drive the parkways). The registration fee on a 14k GVWR is $172.40 per year (no multi year reg). I haven't lived in CT in 14 years and their rules/regs and website are so convoluted, I could not put my finger on the most accurate information. Best thing I can recommend, although I hate to do so is to hit up the local DMV office and ask their info counter how it will be titled/plated.

    In VA, at least, you can have a pickup truck up to an F350 with a regular passenger plate (<10,000 GVWR). For the F350, they de-rate the max you can haul in lieu of paying more money for registration. If you exceed that limit, then you can obtain a 'TRUCK' plate which is for any private or commercial vehicle in excess of 12,500. You are charged and plated according to the actual GVWR.

    I'm not sure how CT still has those COMBO plates after all this time.

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    Default Re: Insuring F450

    What a difference a day makes. So I spent most of last night speaking with insurance companies. I also decided to reach out to a local agency. Well the agency went above and beyond to work this out for me. I was offered a commercial policy from progressive for a hefty premium. But they were also able to offer a personal policy through American Commerce if I was willing to insure all assets through them. Not only did they deliver but I was able to increase my coverages and lower my home owners by over $1k a year. My auto premiums increased by about $40 per month but we doubled the coverage amounts.

    So while this was more of a hassle than I anticipated it certainly worked out for the better. I have looked into the farm plates in the past but wouldn't quality for them. I tried all the insures suggested by you folks(thanks!) but only Progressive was willing to take on the F 450. Now just waiting on the dealer to get it registered, hope to have it home tomorrow evening and will be sure to post pics!

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    Default Re: Insuring F450

    Good to hear you got it figured out. A couple years ago I switched from a F350 dump to the F450 .. mainly for the widefront axle as well as the payload capacity. My 350s always squatted with a load of salt/sand in the spreader in the winter.. but back on topic.. I remember having the same issue as you then, the GVW of the 450 is 17,500.. we had to write a separate policy for it and I think it's about 1800.00 a year for 1M liability. It's primary used for plowing and adding a public safety policy to it is another 2500.00 a year..add the 450.00 +\- a year for the tags..and another 125.00 a year for the inspection.. and 7.5 mpg.... the thing is a cash sucking machine

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