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    Default Re: Need some measurements on Ramps for trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by XSKIER View Post
    The cost of admission is painful, but not needing ramps is priceless!
    Attachment 554778Attachment 554779
    In the end, this is what I chose. My dump trailer has slide out ramps. So did a previous flat bed. The older I got, the older moving those ramps got!
    Time loves to be wasted. From that waste their is no salvage - Henry Ford

    Also - 2017 Ford F250 Crew Cab. 6.2, Ingot Silver/Bobcat 709 backhoe/Erskine 73" blower /TSC QA boom pole/ Bradco 48" forks /CAM Superline 6x12 dump / (2) Kristi 7x18 enclosed trailers/PJ 4+16 14k tilt bed

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    Default Re: Need some measurements on Ramps for trailer

    If you use jacks on the rear of the trailer, get "drop leg" jacks so you are not standing around cranking. For this function, a crank type of jack is not needed.

    As for putting stands on the ramps, you probably need to drive the tractor on and off a couple times to measure and eyeball. The stands need to support the rear, but also allow you to swing up the ramps afterwards, even if the trailer has squatted. You need to account for that otherwise you might not be able to swing the ramps up again. For sure, the stands can't be touching the ground with an empty trailer or they will definitely not allow the ramps to swing up when you have a load.

    None of this is complicated, but it's not something we can design over the internet -- needs to be customized to the trailer and loads.

    Or just get some drop leg jacks welded on and be done with it. They will have so many pin positions that you can always adjust the jack height for every scenario.

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    Default Re: Need some measurements on Ramps for trailer

    I just put blocks of wood under the back two corners of the trailer leaving 3 to 4 inches of clearance between the blocks and the trailer. If you end up without enough clearance you can just drive the tractor forward until the trailer is off the blocks, then remove blocks, then move the tractor back until your tongue weight is right. With that said though, I always put the blocks cross wise to the trailer in case I need to pull the trailer off the blocks.

    I never cared for the jacks, just something else to get torn up or be in the way.

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    Default Re: Need some measurements on Ramps for trailer

    my cure for heavy ramps!

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    Default Re: Need some measurements on Ramps for trailer

    Quote Originally Posted by TooRow View Post
    Broke Farmer John, Thanks for the info on the other page; I followed you over.

    What Is your deck height at the end of your dove tail when the trailer is level? How long are those ramps? I am asking because I have a lowboy but no dove tail and am trying to get a feel for how long to extend my 5' ramps.

    I agree with you on investing in those ramps. I sure would like to have them but I don't think I want to pay for them
    My ramps are 4 1/2 foot long, I donít have an accurate measurement from the deck to the ground. On un level ground itís 25-27inches, I would guess itís around 25 inches on pavement.

    I went to deliver that Super C with my buddies truck because mines down. Hour and 20 there, unload and hour and 20 home turned into 9 hours and my trailer at my buddies place and his truck in the shop.

    Need some measurements on Ramps for trailer-img_0751-jpg

    I think drivers side caliper stuck on, it was pulling left, I pulled over and smoke was rolling from behind the wheel, I poured water on the tire, CV boot and all the rubber in the area to make sure nothing was smoldering.

    By the time I had someone get the trailer, deliver the tractor, load my buddies truck on my trailer and take it to his place it was a good 9 hours.

    I should stop doing things for people lol. I was the one that pointed the tractor out and after my second cousin bought it said I could deliver it, I wouldnít have lost a day if I didnít.

    Second cousin gave $1300 for that super C and bush hog, I threw a charger on the battery, it fired right up, the generator isnít charging the battery, thatís all thatís wrong with it. Itís all painted up and looks good.

    Need some measurements on Ramps for trailer-img_0714-jpgNeed some measurements on Ramps for trailer-img_0715-jpg

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