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    Default Re: Making a trailer lighter

    I bought eleven 5/4 x 12 boards, and have torn the rotted boards off and plan on cleaning it some before re-decking. The trailer has five cross members for the boards to rest on, plus end supports. It should be fine to haul mowers on. Using 1/4 - inch carriage bolts coated for PT lumber with nylock nuts in the center support where the old torx screws were.

    Edit: I got all the boards put on today except for the ripped down center section. The PT lumber needs to dry and shrink in the sun for two or three days before putting in the final center section and bolting everything down to the center rib. Hot and clear here the past few days, and the forecast looks the same. I put the last few boards on by bending them over a small floor jack, then letting the jack down when I had the board at the edge of the pocket. This trailer has a pocket front and back to hold the boards.
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