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    Default how do I chain tractor to flatbed trailer

    Just bought a kubota B21 120 miles away from home & need to go pick it up but I want to be sure how to secure it to trailer.
    I bought 4 chains & ratcheting tensioners, do I just lay them over front bucket & backhoe base & tighten or do I have to wrap chains around tractor parts.
    help!!!! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: how do I chain tractor to flatbed trailer

    I have always heard and do this myself, never tie down with "attachments", meaning tie down to the tractor itself. I tie my 23 at 4 points using ratcheting web straps, 2 on the front frame and 2 on the back. If I have an implement, I secure it by simply putting it full down, but not so to raise the wheels........

    My delivery guy does this also, and he uses ATV tiedowns, not nearly as strong as what I use. Be sure a backhoe has the bucket secured with the transport pins. Put them in then move the bucket as far as they will allow to hold them in.

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    Default Re: how do I chain tractor to flatbed trailer

    I use a four point tie down system, too. I just hook around the axles at all four wheels. I wouldn't trust tie downs on an implement to secure a tractor. An excellent point was made about making certain that your backhoe is properly pinned/locked in place for transport.

    I'm not familiar with the tractor you'll be transporting but I think a good rule of thumb is to look for something large, heavy and solid to which to attach your tie downs. Try to have them at about a 30 degree angle from your bed and each attached to the bed about 3 or 4 inches further to the outside than the point of attachment to your tractor.

    Lastly, if you're using straps (which I prefer) make certain the straps themselves aren't touching (rubbing against) anything. If you're going around anything as opposed to attaching to it, use axle straps or chain as it won't 'rub through' against metal.

    Good luck with your move. It's not as difficult as it might seem. Just check everything off and you'll be fine. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: how do I chain tractor to flatbed trailer

    I recently bought an Lseries and was given a photocopy of 2004 DOT rules which said I had to have 4 chains (not web straps, which makes sense since I had already bought those) & four binders, two to secure the tractor and one each for the FEL & the BH. I run the main ones #1 under the tractor in front over a heavy crossbar and #2 thru the BH subframe. The other two are not to hold the tractor down as much as to keep the implements from moving. so these don't get tightened as much as the first two. Friends in the trades have told me that the DOT inspectors are not as strict with private owners as with businesses. This is pretty much what I know on the subject.

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    Default Re: how do I chain tractor to flatbed trailer

    We're allowed to use use only two chains here, as long as it results in a four point tie down. I like to go over the loader frame-under the tractor belly-over the loader frame for the front end and axles for the back. Lately I've been using a couple of axle straps rated to 10,000 pounds with a couple of shackles and running the chain through the shackles on the rear end and it's working great.

    My backhoe manual says to transport with the swing pin in place, but to lower the bucket onto the trailer bed. I tie it down with a ratcheting strap just to stop any bounce.

    I've had to build a little block setup for the post pounder to rest on when I'm transporting that, and stabilize the mast with four ropes to keep it from swaying too much. It's a bit of pain to rig, but worth the effort.


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    Default Re: how do I chain tractor to flatbed trailer

    Here’s how I tie mine down (<font color="blue">see here</font>)

    The B21 has a frame mounted hook that I use for the front chain. Optionally, you can go through the loader arm tube. The rear chain goes around the BH yoke.

    I use 5/15 chain, Grade 70 rated 4700 lbs and 5/16 – 3/8 load binders rated 5400 lbs. Be sure your hooks are load rated also. Nothing like USA products here…

    Loop the chain hooks down through the stake pockets then hook’em back to the upper lip. Be sure to get enough tension on the chains so then stay in tension as the tractor bounces around on its tire pressure. Looping the chains through the stake pockets helps keep them hooked if they do loosen up.

    Although the FEL is against the front trailer frame, angling the chains opposite one another keeps the tractor stationary. I like to keep the tractor brakes on, in low gear, and 4WD engaged. Also, put the BH transport pin in place to keep it secure.

    4 tie-downs vs. 2 tie-downs is another thread.

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    Default Re: how do I chain tractor to flatbed trailer

    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, I'm about to leave to go pick it up &amp; feel much more confident it won't fall off the back or come thru my rear window [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

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