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    Default Went and looked at a TYM T603 cab model today

    So I went and took a look at a T603 today - Some of my observations:

    Seat does not go back very far, cramped feeling. No armrests either.

    Position of gear selector on right side interferes with operation of foot gas pedal.

    Cab does not have good visibility with loader at dump height.

    No hydraulic lever at rear of tractor for attaching 3 point implements.

    Joystick and gear selector levers should be swapped.

    Does not look like the seat could be remounted farther back. Wish I would have taken a closer look at that. Gear selector could likely be heated and bent to allow more leg/knee clearance or possibly shortened. In second gear I had to bend my foot at a weird angle to get to the gas pedal. other gears not too much of a problem.

    Dealer says the T723 has a new generation of cab and most of those issues have been addressed. Is not having hydro control outside when hooking up 3 point implements *that* big of a deal? Wish he would have had the T723 on the lot to take a look at. Overall appearance is pretty favorable not quite as polished as a kubota but still looked pretty good. switches and controls looked like a bit of a mish mash of styles and designs but I suppose as long as they are functional...

    Any 603 or 723 owners out there have any comments?

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    Default Re: Went and looked at a TYM T603 cab model today

    Dealer is right that most of the issues you mention have been addressed with the new T723.

    There is still no lever at the back to raise and lower the 3 point. It has been TYM's belief that if there was a control for raising 3 point it should be on the fender like on our T903 and T1003. It can be dangerous for people to stand in between certain implements and the tractor.

    As for the T603 most customers are very pleased with this tractor. Even customers that question the placement of the loader control say they like it after they get used to it. Some dealers and customers have moved that seat back a little.

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    Default Re: Went and looked at a TYM T603 cab model today

    I have had mine for about 2 years and feel that you get what you pay for. A list of problems have been a nightmare. Over heating being the worst one of them all. They use a car radiator that collects dirt like you won't believe. Noisy cab that makes you turn the [cheap] radio all the way up to hear anything. I installed an auxillery 12v fan infrount of their new replacement radiator with some success. Ac is almost nothing, but the heater is too much most of the time.

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