Well tractor is still sitting in dealer's shop. It was delivered with only one rear remote and not the standard 3 remotes. Dealer already has the other two rear remotes ordered and they are supposed to be in on Monday. Hope to take delivery either Monday or Tuesday.

Looked at the tractor for the first time today as was ordered just from information on internet. There are just so many standards which we would have to pay for with other mfg's. There is one issue, placement of the hydro levers in the cab. Don't look like they were very well thought out but I will have to get used to them. Also wish the FEL joystick was about 8 inches farther forward but then again, I will get used to it. Looks like a tough little machine. Yep it is little, compared to our other old tractors. Engine seems to be very quiet as far as tractors go.

Seems to be a good view of the FEL with that radically sloped hood. And plenty of hydro power at FEL even at idling rpm. Plenty view out of the cab in all directions.

As far as easy access to all filters and maintenance items, that appears well thought out and placed in accessible locations.

Settled on the R4's. Hope that don't come back to bite me in the butt.

I liked dealing with our dealer. My brother has been dealing with him but after speaking with him today, seems very knowledgeable about the line of tractors and willing to put customer service up front. The dealer is located about 100 miles from us but hope everything works out.

Now just looking to some seat time to get used to the machine and will give a review better review after I have put some hours on it.