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    Default Interested in a TYM

    I recently looked at the TYM in the 403 and 503 size. I am very interested in the machines but am concerned about the lack of solid information as well as the lack of dealerships around me. I am however not afraid of doing any maintenance or repair work myself but cant seem to find any good parts diagrams that I could use for any repairs or maintenance if I were to buy one. A parts breakdown is of the most importance when you have to call and mail order parts.

    I would also like to hear from TYM 403 and 503 owners any good or bad they have to say about their machines.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Interested in a TYM

    Where in PA are you Paul? We are located just north of WAtkins Glen NY, and service all the way down into Mansfield area. When we sell as tractor, I try ( depending on the customer) to provide them with at the minimum, an owners manual, and a parts manual if they request it. The problem with the parts manual is parts are constantly superseded and or updated to new numbers, But sometimes its helpfull just to know how many parts are inside of something.
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    Default Re: Interested in a TYM

    Hello Paul,
    I would be glad to discuss our tractors with you!
    We have two tractors within that range, the T433 (43 horsepower) and the T503 (50 horsepower).
    These tractors come in both Gear shift or Hydrostatic transmissions.

    We are currently working to provide the best experience for both our dealers and our users.
    On top of our constant improvements to quality and after-sale support, we are working on many important updates in all other aspects of our company as well.

    If you have any technical questions about our tractors, then I'd be more than happy to answer all of your concerns.
    I would also recommend visiting our website at TYM Tractors - Locator in order to find the dealer closest to you.

    Thank you for your interest!
    Quality Matters.

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    Default Re: Interested in a TYM

    I bought a T433 almost 3 years ago and can tell you that I am very satisfied with it. It doesn't get all that cold here but it always fires right up and goes to work enthusiastically! Just a few small quibbles however. I wish I had gotten the ag tires instead of the R-4s as traction is a big problem for me . Any work other than mowing means 4wd is a must. perhaps filling the tires would help. With 4wd engaged traction is not a problem. The "idiot" lights on the dash are absolutely worthless unless your inside a shed or darker place. I've wondered how hard it would be to place some LEDs on the dash to warn of low oil pressure, glow plugs etc. I found this to be my biggest disappointment in the tractor. The steering wheel is a little to far away to be comfortable. And last, the locking nut on the loader joy stick works loose every so often and it requires the removal of a couple of bolts and the rubber boot to get to it. A 10 minute fix and I'm sure there's an easy remedy I haven't stumbled on yet but pretty annoying when your busy and have to stop and fix. Overall tho I'm pretty happy with it.

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