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    Default Help with TYM273

    Hi everyone,

    I have got a TYM T273 and was wondering where I can get a shop manual for it? I am looking specifically for the parts schematic. Maybe some of the users here have a .pda they would be willing to send me or maybe share a source where I could purchase one?

    Or even better...Ill go ahead and share my problem and you guys might be able to help. The tractor is less than 1 year old and has 250 hours. I have had no major problems before this, just some minor things (muffler, joystick). Whats currently happening is I have limited lifting strength with the front loader, possibly a pressure issue. All other hydraulics on the tractor work perfectly, just the two main loader hydraulics are weak. At idle they have a hard time lifting their own weight. The fluid was just recently changed and is not low. It has always had scheduled maintenance. All of the backhoe rams are as strong as when they were new.

    The reason I am going at this myself, is because the nearest dealer is 300 miles away. The local dealer were I purchased the tractor went out of business. I would prefer to have a dealer do the work and have it covered under warranty but its just not all that practical right now. I can get parts from the dealer that is 300 miles away, as I have ordered filters from him in the past.

    Any suggestions would be great!

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    Default Re: Help with TYM273

    shot in the dark here.i do not know the ytm tractor.the backhoe may have a seperate hydralic system from the front end loader.if this is so you may have a clogged screen in the front end hydralics. if you put the pto on when u use the backhoe and you do not for the front end you definitely have 2 seperate hydralic systems.

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    Default Re: Help with TYM273

    The manual and parts schematic are available online at the tym website.

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