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    Default 233 oil drain

    New to this site, I have a 233 bought this past winter. I need to do my first service. I have been trying to locate the engine oil drain. It appears to me there may two?
    I saw a lot of posts about service manuals. the links did not work. Any assistance locating one would be great. The owners manual is not that detailed.

    Love the tractor so fall. I am glad to see a site like this to see and share info on these tractors

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    Default Re: 233 oil drain

    If it is like the 273 there are two slumps with plugs. You may have to remove the brace from the bottom(under the slump) if the two holes do not line up.

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    Default Re: 233 oil drain

    Budsoda is right on the drain plug just remove both after removing the brace

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    Default Re: 233 oil drain

    Great, thanks. I thought that is where they were. but wasn't sure.

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    Default Re: 233 oil drain

    I have both service manuals on CD. One for the tractor and one for the engine. I asked the dealer for them and he was happy to burn them to CD for me.

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    Default Re: 233 oil drain

    A note of caution however, there is a brass washer on each of those plugs and they tend to fall off the plugs very easily. You need be aware of this before hand, else you'll be fishing in the oil pan trying to locate them. I almost dumped them into my holding can while draining the oil sump catch pan. Good luck, have fun and enjoy your 233!

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    Default Re: 233 oil drain

    Thanks for the advice on the washers. My luck I would have been fishing for them. I hope to get to it this weekend. Bought a fifth wheel and had to lower my truck to tow it, so I didn't get a chance to work on the tractor. I love it. It is really impressive what it can do.

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