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    Default Looking at T503 w/cab

    I'm as new as you can get with tractor buying. I've operated a lot of them at work (JD's and Cat equip) though. I've been staying up late and spending tons of hours on the internet comparing brands. at this point I feel like I'm house buying all over again.... fun at first but now they're all just blending together! Ugh! I've asked my neighbors and some co-workers and, of course, they're all biased to the particular brand they own.... so no real help for me. I've looked at a 6000 Mahindra (13,500), a Kioti 65hp (17,500) both w/o cabs and in the mid 2000 years. Both were used and had some issues. Not to mention I drove over 200 miles away to look at them. I'm looking for some honest opinions about the TYM brand and the T503 w/cab and loader in particular. I'm talking with a guy who owns a 2010 and am very interested in it but now I'm gun-shy at spending that kind of money on something I know little about. ANY info about this particular tractor would be greatly appreciated. We have 80 acres and will be brush hogging, using a york rake, cutting firewood (personal use) and any other yard/grounds work at home. From what I could tell the price is right and far cheaper than others of the same HP and hrs on it. I've read other threads about different models and some of the issues and wanted to know if the same issues would be with the T503. Thanks for reading my babble but I'm nervous about my first BIG purchase fo a tractor and want to make a good sound decision.


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    Default Re: Looking at T503 w/cab

    I have the T433 and from looking at the specs I would guess that the T433 and the T503 are the same tractor and engine with the 503 making 7 more HP at 200 more RPM. I don't have a cab on mine. The 503 also has a little higher hydro flow rating. This tractor was a little more tractor than what I was shopping for- I was looking in the mid 30 HP range- but the dealer was dealing and all the stars in heaven lined up just right so I came home with this one. I also checked out Kioti, Branson, and Mahindra (again in the 35hp range) and really liked the TYM better. Much of that reason is the engine. The Cat is a 4 cylinder which is so much smoother and quieter than the 3 cyl. engines in the other makes. Vibration is simply a non-issue. It is also much more pleasant to listen to than the rather course sounding engines in the others. No flames here, just my observation and opinion. I don't quite have 50 hrs. on it yet but it has been a joy to use, easy to operate,very powerful( I use 4wd a lot as I have the R4 tires which are not filled and traction can be a problem) and every thing is still tight. This tractor is a AMINAL! In fact , at the end of the first day I used it, I told my wife I may have bought TO MUCH tractor as it got so much done so fast I might not be keeping it as busy as I thought.
    I love mine, hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Looking at T503 w/cab

    I almost bought the T503.....i was this close.

    It seems like a very strong tractor, and ive heard nothing but good stuff about the Perkins engines.

    I ended up getting the Kioti DK45SE HST over the T503 HST for only a few reasons. The TYM didnt come with the radio, rear lights, reat wipers as standard equip; whereas the Kioti did.

    But the main reason was the controls for the rear remotes in the TYM were nearly behind the seat on the right hand side. Much to inconvienent.
    The Kiotis are right below the FEL control.

    Other then that, its a fine machine. Very heavily built.

    OH, i nearly forgot, the TYM's rear heat ducts dont blow any heat? the dealer told me they never do. not sure why they are there. The Kioti has 8 ducts that all blow heat. this IS necessary to defrost the windows during snowblowing season here in N. Idaho
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    Default Re: Looking at T503 w/cab

    Thanks to both of you for replying. I haven't been on here since I posted as I was very busy with work and spare time looking at tractors. I found the TYM for sale and it has under 100 hrs and he wants $22,000. I really wish I could afford it but we are $1,000 apart from coming to an agreement. I just can't financially afford the extra thousand and he's firm on that price. Guess my search continues. Thanks again..... I will keep your info for future possibilities.

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    Default Re: Looking at T503 w/cab

    $22,000 is a heck of a deal for the virtually new T503 cab tractor, that is a lot of tractor for that kind of money.

    I also understand what it is to have to live within your means, hopefully things will work out for something to come in to your budget.

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    Default Re: Looking at T503 w/cab

    I agree that it's a heck of a deal for that tractor. I find myself bouncing back and forth on cab vs. no cab. This all reminds me of house hunting... exciting at first but now it's exhausting! I'm keeping hope that I'll come across a good tractor withing my budget. I have to wait to see what the gov't budget looks like this Thurs..... being a gov't worker and all. LOL.


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