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    Default TYM T353 oil filter

    Is there a part number for the oil filter for the T353 w/4 cyl Mitsubishi engine?

    Is there a generic type that can be subbed for it?

    Tractor is super and works like a charm.

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    Default Re: TYM T353 oil filter

    I look forward to the answers you will get as I also have a 353. Did you do your own 50 hr service? What fluids/filters did you change? I am about 10 hours away but I would like to get all my ducks in a row for when it is time.

    I must agree with you about how satisfied you are with the TYM tractor. It worked great for me this winter (my first with it). No problems with the 68" Meteor Snow Blower other than my gravel driveway is now part of my shredded bark planter areas. Oh well live and learn!

    I can't wait to use it more when the soil dries up a little more, I have some dirt to move along with wanting to get 4-5 cords of wood ready as soon as possible.
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    Default Re: TYM T353 oil filter

    I just purchased some oil filters and an air filter from this online (Fleet Supply) outfit that sell "Wix" brand filters.

    They do carry quite a few filters that will fit TYM tractors but I did not see any listings for the 353, but there is a listing for a Mitsubishi engine. Don't know if it is the same engine you have in your 353. Might be worth while to give them a call.

    The hydraulic filter I will get from my dealer.

    Air Filters

    I am doing a 50 hour fluid change right now on my 453. I am a big fan of the synthetic oils, for the engine I will be using the Shell Rotella 5-40 synthetic which is highly recommended here by others. For hydro and transmission I will be looking at synthetics that meet the TYM specs.

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