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    Default T273 fuel/ignition problem?

    Im having an issue when I turn the key on my 273 to the pre heat position the glow plug indicator is not lighting up and I get a constant clicking noise from my fuel pump. I looked all over for any exposed wires or shorts and most everything is in split loom or very well covered in electrical tape, but i did find a nice wear mark on a hydro line where it was rubbing on the fire wall.

    Link to the vid

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    Default Re: T273 fuel/ignition problem?

    Check the battery ground at the chasis and check the battery terminals for corrosion.

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    Default Re: T273 fuel/ignition problem?

    T273s and 293s are known for shorts to ground where the dash board/ignition harness passes through the firewall. My 293 kept blowing the turn signal/emergency flasher fuse. A little slit 1/4" tubing around the hole prevented further chafeing. I use plastic foam water pipe insulation, held in place with plastic tywraps, to prevent hydraulic line chafeing.

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