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    Anyone having seal leaking on theirs? I now have 530 hours on my 7 year old Montana(tym) T2734. Front axle seals have been leaking about a year. The ones on the ends of the axle started first then the one where the drive shaft goes in. I ended up switching to 00 corn head grease, then later to grease gun grease. Just don't have the time to replace them all now.

    When the tractor had about 400 hours on it the MM pto shaft seal started leaking hydro fluid. I replaced that one because it was easy. Now the rear drive shaft seal is leaking hydro fluid. Around 250 hours the rear sight plug started leaking, I replaced it. Now it is leaking again.

    Maybe I am just too hard on this little tractor I guess I will just keep adding fluid until I have time to break it all down and replace the seals.

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    just noticed on Friday the front driveshaft seal was leaking also.I wonder what is involved in fixing that? maybe a bearing also???
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    I have replaced the sight glass once too. Used a little silicone and it has been fine so far. Also have a leaking seal on the shaft going into the transmission. Just haven't replaced it as I have the seal already. I just top it off every use and move on. This post might just motivate me to replace it.
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