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    Just got 10 hours on my 293 and was prepping it for winter. Retorqued all the loader and frame mounting bolts. Was amazed at how many were loose since I check them when it was delivered new. I had a 2007 233 and never had to replace the driveshaft that alot of people are having problems with. I check loader and frame bolts every season and I think it makes a huge difference. Mounted my Meteor Blower and adjusted and lubed the chain, replaced the gear oil in the gear box and greased. All that is left is to put my quick attach 6 1/2 plow on the front and hook up the hyd. hoses to the rear remotes. So far i have been really impressed with the 293's performance and look to see how it handles this winter. Just a friendly reminder to everyone to check their loader frame bolts before they cause a problem.

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    The next time you check them you might apply some thread lock on them. Has worked well for me so far.
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