Folks, I would sure appreciate any insight on the following. An ex-dealer I trust concluded that my problem is probably the computer/controller in my HST 330. I have two issues:

1. Engine won't shut off when I turn the key off. My assumption was that I needed a fuel shut-off solenoid. I let this one go because it was no big deal to kill the engine when I needed to stop it.

2. Then some time later, the engine would not turn over when I turned the key to the start position.
a. I bypassed the seat switch.
b. I bypassed the forward/reverse pedal switch.
c. I ohmed out the brake pedal switch to make sure it was closed.
d. When I put a voltmeter on the ignition switch, I can see that rotating the key to "start" does in face apply power to the controller.
e. I had no problem starting it by turning the ignition key on, and then using a clip lead to power the starter solenoid. Engine starts and runs fine, and tractor works as expected.

I spoke with Steve, who formerly ran Valley View Tractor in Newburg, OR. Steve said it is probably the controller- that at one time he had a "shelf-full" of TYM controllers that had one or more inoperative functions such as these two issues. It's apparently a $300+ part - if I could actually find someone who has one for sale and has it in stock.

My question- has anyone else experienced either of these problems on a TYM tractor? Was it the controller or something less expensive and simpler? ANY insight would be greatly appreciated!