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    Default Used Steiner 430 Max vs. New Ventrac

    Hello! I'm sure that this topic has been discussed many times before, so I apologize for asking again. My wife and I will be moving to a 40 acre place with about 20 acres of woods. While the farm land will be farmed or fenced for cattle pastures, we need something to mow the grass around the house and down by the stream. In addition, there is a lot of brush and growth in the wooded area that we'd like to clear. Eventually, we might need a snow blower or blade on it as well.

    We saw a Steiner a couple of years ago at a home show and it seemed like a nice tractor. Then, we noticed that a local equipment dealership has Ventracs, so he was showing us the features that it has, and saying that the Ventrac is a better-built and more comfortable machine.

    As we get closer to moving onto the property full-time, I found a used Steiner 430 max with about 1500 hours on it, 8 wheels, and rear weights. It has a kubota engine on it.

    My question for you all is whether we should consider getting a used Steiner 430 Max, or just bite the bullet and go for a new Ventrac? Is there a huge difference in features or quality? By the way, since we are building our house now, the budget is limited! I just don't want to spend several thousand on a used machine and need to replace it in a few years with a new machine that costs several more thousand!

    Any opinions / advice are certainly welcomed!


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    Default Re: Used Steiner 430 Max vs. New Ventrac

    Steiner and Ventrac are like automobiles,I look for someone to take the big hit and I look for low hr. machines.I bought a 415 brand new,a Ventrac 4231 with 800 hrs, a 430 deisel with 600 hrs. and a Utilimax with 320 hrs.The worst one of all was the Ventrac,as I had multiple problems with it before I traded it off.If you look at brand new look at the new Steiner 440,it has all the features the Ventrac boasts and maybe a few more.I just heard from my local dealer and the cheapest 440 version is 18,000.I think if I trade again,it will be for the 34 Turbo Diesel Utilimax demo he has. To sum it up,you cant beat new if you have the money,as you will know exactly how it has been maimtained,used,you look for as low of hrs as you can find and hope it was babied in that few short hrs. Eddie

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    Default Re: Used Steiner 430 Max vs. New Ventrac

    Lee ,where are you located,I'm in central Illinois.

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