Thanks for Tim Jordan's referral. I sent an email late last night and at 0830 this morning, he calls. The first dealer I contacted was good with
the initial response, but has fallen off the face-of-the-earth since.

I was looking at the 72" side discharge, but Tim told me a little about its design - bottom line, it's NOT a deck to mulch with. The first
deck I had on the first tractor was a like design - suffered from blow-out and clumping when mulching unless you mowed very frequently -
like every 3rd day. We mow every 4th to 5th day and during the hot, dry season, about every 6th or 7th, worst case.

So, switching the config to the 60" rear discharge with a mulch kit. We carry a brush on the 997 just to clear any clippings
off of the radiator screen. Looks like we'll be doing the same for the Ventrac.