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    Default Ventrac 3000 or 4100?

    Does anyone out there plow snow with a Ventrac 3000 or 4100? I have about 600 feet of asphalt that is 16 feet wide to plow. I live close to Baltimore. We get about 6 snow storms a year that drop 3 to 6 inches, usually wet and about every 6 years we get a big one (12 to 20 inches).
    Can a 3000 get the job done with or should I seriously look at getting a 4100?
    Please let me know if you have any experience using either of these units.

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    Default Re: Ventrac 3000 or 4100?

    I don't have a Ventrac but am familiar with both tractors you mention.
    Being that they are both 4WD, I see no reason why they could not handle
    the snow you mention, especially on a hard driveway...

    I personally would lean more towards the Ventrac 4100/4200, only because
    I think they are better looking and a little heavier.

    Instead of a plow, I'd would look into a blower, but having a lot of wet snow
    I'd lean towards a two stage... I have a Ventrac blower I use with a Stiener
    turf tractor and the single stage will once in awhile plug the shut...

    Stiener / Ventrac can both use the same attachments, the hitch an PTO are
    the same...

    West Michigan.

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    Default Re: Ventrac 3000 or 4100?

    I blade snow with my Ventrac 4200 (31 hp) with no difficulty. I use a Steiner V-Blade which I used on a Steiner 430 before I got the Ventrac. As of last year Ventrac also offers a V-Blade. I find the V-Blade works exceptionally well. The position I use most is the Inverted V or Scoop. It is especially handy when working around buildings or confined areas where you don't always have a convenient place to push snow to the side. If you are going to get a blade, I highly recommend the V over the standard straight blade.


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