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    Default Re: Dogs have dreams too.

    Quote Originally Posted by DT86 View Post
    Very good, thanks for posting. The fist puppy reminds me of the Coca-cola polar bear.
    I swear my Blue Heeler chases cattle in his sleep
    I think mine does too.

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    I have a 5 year old mini chineese sgar pei, and every time she is asleep, she is dreamin. But its looking more like nightmsre thand dream..... Its a small aound like she'd crying amd she's breathing fast .
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    Default Re: Dogs have dreams too.

    Quote Originally Posted by crash325 View Post
    It is sad, hope your guy makes it.
    My girl has trouble standing if on a smooth floor, sometimes have to pick her butt up.
    She loves to go in the truck, (along with my other 2 girls - the outside dogs.) have to pick her butt up for her to get in.
    She still tries to guard the yard and hobbles along, sort of a hip hop.
    Quote Originally Posted by creekbend View Post
    Sincerely sorry about your dog. Best wishes.
    Thanks, he's getting old so I assume it's not going to get better. I feel bad for him that he gets that stiff that he can't get up. Hardwood floors do not help. He doesn't whelp in pain but I assume it aches. We were giving him meds every few days, gonna have to up it to daily I guess. Probably have to make a handicap ramp for him instead of the doggy steps we have out to our fenced in dog area. Another project for Saturday.
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    Default Re: Dogs have dreams too.

    Quote Originally Posted by KubotainNH View Post
    That's a funny video, thanks for posting it. The last one almost had me on the floor. One of my dogs sometimes makes odd noises and twitches while sleeping. They are amusing. Crash, my older dog is getting the same way. He can barely get up off the floor sometimes but for some reason still wants to be upstairs but won't come down without help. Don't know if he'll last the winter.
    Yea I saw a small show on the last dog, animal planet? That's a rather large problem for that dog as it sleep walks. Runs into all kinds of things and gets injured.
    Weird True & Freaky: Sleepwalking Dog : Video : Animal Planet

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