Wow that brought back some memories. In the early 1970s I was a switchman working the night shift building trains (assembling a train with all of the cars in the proper sequence) for the Rock Island Railroad in Enid, Oklahoma. The switch engines never stopped for us to mount or dismount. The engineers were conscientious and would never knowingly put us in danger but they knew the individual switchman's capabilities and we all worked as quickly as possible and took personal responsibility for our own safety. I saw a couple of idiots take spectacular spills but no lawsuits were filed; they were fired and that was the end of their employment with the railroad. We were working with lanterns for signals. We didn't have walkie talkies. Recently I met a switchman who told me that modern safety rules require the train to come to a complete stop before a worker can mount or dismount the train. It must take forever to put a train together and get it ready to go. That's progress -- I guess.