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    Default Electricity & wood.

    This is pretty neat. The burnt patterns generated (no pun intended) remind me very much of a Mandelbrot set.

    It appears they must have used DC voltage for the first half of the video and then reversed the leads for the second half...

    15,000 Volts Travels Through Wood - Snotr

    Here's the Mandelbrot set I mentioned.

    Mandelbrot Set Zoom - YouTube

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    Default Re: Electricity & wood.

    That is very neat and makes me wonder if different wood types would have different patterns. Wouldn't it be cool if similar woods had similar identifiable patterns. It also would be interesting to map current flow of low voltage through wood and see if it followed similar paths or if the path of the 15kv was influenced by ionization. I don't see the electric current paths as being repeatable like the Mandelbrot set, but they are certainly similar as are the arteries, capillaries, and veins in our bodies.

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