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    Default Test Drive

    Never judge a man until you've walked a day in his shoes,

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    Default Re: Test Drive

    the salesman will have a good tale to tell...
    and maybe have some explainin to do to whoever launders his pants.


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    Default Re: Test Drive

    Funny, but read the comments to the video -

    "OK, and you please google "snopes Jeff Gordon Test Drive" (without quotes) and you will learn that the "salesman" (actor) was in on it too. You will also learn that Jeff did not do the driving, -Brad Noffsinger did. -_-
    google "That Jeff Gordon Terrifying A Car Salesman Pepsi Ad Is Totally 100 Percent Fake" (jalopnik dot com) that explains it all."

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    Default Re: Test Drive

    I thought it was pretty cool anyway. Heck yes I would wanna do it again who ever was driving they did it good is all I can say haha!
    Yanmar YM3810D, LT duty 3pt hoe, 6' KK2 tiller, 6' KK box blade, 6 1/2' KK disc, 5' Howse bush hog, 5' Howse back blade, 9" Yellow PHD, 3 Husky chain saws 346XP NE, 359, 372XP. 07 HD Heritage Softail, Crack injectors, check compression, take 2 beers and call me. "Hey you didn't build that."

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